Prep:   Any trimming, coloring, or touch-ups need to be done at least a week prior to the shoot.  If you are normally a red head and want to be blonde for the shoot, it’s best not to do this the night before.  Give yourself time to get used to your “do” and also for it (the color and cut) to be relaxed.  Best advice:  This is NOT the time to experiment with your color or cut.

Conditioner:  Don’t do this the night before if you have someone doing your hair the next day.  The only exception is for people with uncontrollable frizz.  Hair should arrive on set dry, clean, product free, and rolled.  If you are doing your own hair then take all the necessary steps to have it done the way you are happy and comfortable with it. 


Manicure/Pedicure:   Light unobtrusive colors are best unless the focus will be (or you want it to be) on your feet or fingers.

Jewelry:  If you have a wedding ring or engagement ring.  Make sure it is cleaned, since it will be a focal point.


Whitten Teeth:  Use over the counter white strips or contact your dentist for a cleaning, maybe even a whitening session if they offer it!

Blemishes:   It’s easier to cover up or remove if you leave it alone. 

Skin Prep:  Do not try anything new before your shoot.  Exfoliating is great a few times prior to the shoot, but only use products you know work for you and don’t do it more than you regularly would.  If you want to get a facial it must be done at least one week (or more) prior to the shoot.

Eyebrows:  Whether you touch up yourself or you get waxed/threaded, this needs to be done a few days prior (with touch ups the day before if you do it yourself).  For the love of beauty… it.


Exfoliate, spray tan (when applicable), moisturize, shave/wax: The rule again.  Don’t do this the night before.  Cramming doesn’t work for exams, so why do it for your shoot? I also can't fix Oompa Loompas.


Bring 5-6 outfits: Fun, whimsical, ethereal…don’t be scared to just bring it all.  Pieces that normally wouldn’t work together (or you think wouldn’t) can end up being perfection in a photo.  Accessories (scarves, hats, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, even props like headphones, or musical instruments [if you play one]) are a great way to show off your personality.

Texture and Necklines: There are many different necklines in the fashion industry these days.  Check out your local thrift shops for great deals.  Crazy or different necklines really are a great addition to any photo.  Texture is also vital.  Layers, ruching, ruffles, are just a start.  Light and airy material works well too.  Don’t worry if you don't own some of these things, we will work with what you have and make it work!

Stuff to avoid: Generally speaking, no whites, (unless they are pieces we are layering in), no crazy prints (very distracting unless that is the theme), no logos (after all this is about you, right?)

Fit Your Form: Choose outfits that will hug your curves, especially your waist, hips, arms, and chest.  Bring belts to help if you have/wear them.

Shoes:  Shoes rarely show up in photos, but on the off chance they are there (and also to move around on location) bring at least: one pair of sneakers, one pair of high heels, nice sandals, and pair of nice boots…you never know!


·         Clean (makeup free) face.  You can moisturize.

·         Clean, dry hair (and please ROLL it or we take time away from your shoot if we are doing your hair)

·         Comfy outfit – button down shirts are the best so you can change w/o messing up h/m.

·         5-6 fitted outfits to wear in photos

·         Pretty nails (Neutral)

·         Clean wedding ring

·         Touched up brows

·         Men:  NO exception.  Everything above applies to you too!